Sporades Islands and Evia Island

Evia Island

Information about Evia Island Evia (Area: 3.654 sq km – Coastline: 678 km), the second largest island in the Aegean after Crete, has played an important role in Greek history from earliest prehistory to the present day. It is 175 kilometres long and faces the Greek mainland along the whole length of its eastern seaboard. […]

Skyros Island

Information about Skyros Island (Area: 215 sq km – Coastline: 130 km – Distance from: Piraeus 118 n.m., Kyme 24 n.m.) Skyros is the southernmost island of the Sporades and lies east of Evia, 24 n.m. north- east of Kymi. The geographical situation of Skyros has been both a handicap and a protection for the […]

Skopelos Island

Information about Skopelos Island (Area: 96 sq km – Coastline: 67 km  – Distance from: Aghios Konstantinos 61 n.m., Volos 60 n.m., Piraeus 152 n.m.) Skopelos, the largest island in the Northern Sporades group, lies 3.6 n.m. E of Skiathos and 2 n.m. W of Alonnissos. It is a very nice island covered in pine […]

Skiathos Island

Information about Skiathos Island (Area: 48 sq  km  –  Coastline:  44 km –  Distance  from:  Volos 41 n.m., Aghios Konstantinos 44 n.m., Piraeus 158 n.m.) Skiathos is the most  touristed island in the Sporades thanks to a combination of a delightful pine-clad landscape, excellent sand beaches, good ferry links and a charter flight airport. It […]

Alonnissos Island

Information about Alonnissos Island (Area: 64 sq km – Coastline: 62 km – Distance from: Volos 68 run., Aghios Konstantinos 69 m) fflonrdssos is the most easterly and least populated island of the Northern Sporades group, and lies c. 2 n.m. NE of Skopelos Island. It is long (20 km) and narrow (max. width c. […]

Sporades Islands

Information about Sporades Islands The Sporades: On these islands that are scattered about the western Aegean, visitors have the chance to combine the quiet life with wonderful sandy beaches under the sun, sea sports, fresh seafood and tasty local specialities. The large amounts of sunshine in the Sporades and the “meltemi”, the Aegean’s seasonal northern […]

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