Information about Petalidi The littoral town of Petalidi is situated at the western coast of the Messinian gulf, halfway of the magnificent route of Kalamata-Koroni, in a  location that combines  mountains, sea and verdant plains. The town’s residences are built amphitheatrically, at a bay which extends in the shape of a horseshoe wherefrom the name […]


Information about Methoni Methoni is one of the most historical regions in the Peloponnese, with a centuries-old cultural existence. The one-time ancient city of ‘Vinous Pedasus”, as Homer calls it, has been throughout the centuries the most important stopping point for every ship and traveller to the East and the south-east Mediterranean. It was a […]


Information about Messinia Welcome to Messinia. A 4,500 year-old Mediterranean secret You are invited to enjoy the mildest climate in the world, all seasons of the year. Savour our natural products, our virgin olive oil. Explore the abundant green scenery and the traditional villages surrounded by the sea. Witness the most well-preserved monument in Greece, […]

Kythira Island

Information about Kythira  Island (Area: ■ Coastline: 52km – Distance from Pireaus: Aghia Pelagia 103n.m,, Diakofti 108n.m, Kapsali 125n.m.) Kythera is an island to the south of the south-easternmost “finger” of the Peloponnese, being possibly part of it once. Geologically speaking, it is the largest part of the strip that once united the Peloponnese […]

Antikythira Island

Information about Antikythera  Island (Area: 20 sq km – Coastline: 24 km – I.s. 378 m). Antikythera the tiny sister island of Kythera, lies about halfway between Kythera and Crete (17 n.m. SE of Kythera and 16 n.m. NW of Crete). With a population of less than 100, this rocky island is a destination strictly […]

Elafonissos Island

Information about Elafonissos Island (Area: 18 sq km-Coastline: 26 km-Distance from Neapoli: 3.7 run). s. Just the right spot for a superb vacation at the fabulous shores of this small island that lies off the south-eastern edge of the Laconian Bay and just 570 metres from the shore of the south-easternmost “finger” of the Peloponnese, […]


Information about Monemvasia Rock on rock. The ancient acquaintance, unfailing… The place of my birth: Akra Minoa. Giannis Ritsos 1982 Monemvasia, the unique and unequalled in the passing of time Byzantine Castle State of the south. The Byzantine Castle State, Monemvasia, has been known as the “Gibraltar of the east”, the “Cloud shrouded Castle” of […]


Information about Laconia Laconia, the southern region of the Peloponnese, shares a border with Arkadia in the north and Messinia westward, while to the east, its shores are washed by the Myrtoo Sea, and to the south by the Laconian Bay. The outstanding features of Laconia are an  abundance of medieval  Byzantine  and  Venetian  castle-towns,  […]


Information about Nemea ANCIENT FLIASSIA In antiquity there was no settlement with the name Nemea. The historical centre of the area was Ancient Fliassia which flourished up to the 10th c BC. West of Fliassia are the charmins villages of Petri and Aedonia, with their plane trees and running waters. The village of Aedonia became […]


Information about Korinthia Korinthia, among the most beautiful, fertile and privileged Prefectures in Greece, is situated in one of the most picturesque parts of the Northern Peloponnese. The Prefecture of Korinthia is washed by the Gulf of Corinth on the north and by the Saronic Gulf on the east. These are two of the most […]