Information about Halkidiki The Prefecture (district) of Halkidiki has a rare beauty .All shades of green of the vegetation set off the colours of the deep blue see. Its peculiar geographic shape with its three mountainous peninsulas (Kassandra, Sifhonia and Athos) far into the Aegean Sea, makes Halkidiki the district with the longest coastline (more […]


Information about Thessaloniki Thessaloniki, the capital of Thessaloniki Prefecture, is Greece’s second largest city and one of the oldest in Europe. The “Queen of the North”, the “Bride of the Thermaic”, the “city that never sleeps”. An ideal year-round city travel destination for successful City Breaks. Thessaloniki is designated UNESCO World Heritage Site because of […]


Information about Macedonia Macedonia is Greece’s largest geographical region and it occupies the northern part of the country. The climate is generally continental though coastal areas benefit from the moderating influence of the sea and can be said to have a Mediterranean climate. Macedonia includes large fertile plains, such as the plain of Thessaloniki, mineral […]