Ionian Islands

Kastos Island

Information about Kastos Island (Area: 6 – Island summit: 155m) Kastos is a small island SE of Lefkada and between Kalamos and the west coast of Etoloakamania. It is narrow in shape (length from SW to NE: 8km – width 500m max) and runs  parallel with the south-east shore of Kalamos Island. Kastos consists […]


Information about Paxi (Area 25 sq km – Coastline: 24 km – I.s. 230 m). The lovely island of Paxi or Paxos in the blue Ionian Sea, nestling close to the island of Corfu, is a short distance from the harbours of Igoumenitsa and Preveza. It is 7 n.m. south of Corfu, 9 n.m. west […]

Meganissi Island

Information about Meganissi Island (Area 20 sq km – Coastline:  46 km – I.s. 284 m). Meganissi is a picturesque island in the Ionian Sea, 4 nautical miles at the south- eastern side of the island of Lefkada. From the group of the Lefkadian islands, Meganissi is the biggest one. According to historians, Meganissi has […]

Lefkada Island

Information about Lefkada Island (Area: 303 sq km – Coastline: 117 km) Lefkada is one of the Ionian Islands, known as the “Eptanissa” in Greek, which lie in the Ionian Sea. The island is less than 100 metres from the mainland coast of Akamania,  to which it is linked by a bridge. The channel of […]

Ithaca(Khaki) Island

Information about Ithaca(Khaki) Island (Area: 92.7 sq km – Coastline: 101km – Distance  from Vathy to: Patras 53 n.m., Astakos/Etoloakamania 26 n.m, Piraeus 290 n.m., Piraeus via Corinth Canal 153 n.m.) Ithaca, in Greek Khaki, is the second smallest of the Ionian Islands and is known to the world as being Odysseus’ legendary homeland. For […]

Zakynthos Island

Information about Zakynthos Island (Area: 402 sq km – Coastline: 123 km – Distance from: Piraeus 153 n.m., Patras 53 n.m., Kyllini 17 n.m.) Zakynthos is the most southerly and the third largest island of the Ionian Islands. It lies 9.5 n.m. south of Kefalonia Island  and 8.5 n.m.  west of the north-west coast of […]

Diapontia Islands

Information about Diapontia Islands Diapontia Islands – Corfu’s satellite islands: A few nautical miles north-west of Corfu is the tiny archipelago of the Diapontia Islands. Three of them are inhabited: Mathraki, Erikoussa and Othoni. Mathraki Island, the  smallest of the three, has an area of 3.1 sq km, i.s. 155m, a distance  of 5 n.m. […]

Corfu(Kerkyra) Island

Information about Corfu(Kerkyra) Island (Area: 592 sq km – Coastline: 217 km – Distance from Kerkyra Town to: Igoumenitsa 18 n.m., Patras 132 n.m., Piraeus 371 n.m., Piraeus via Corinth Canal 233 n.m.) Corfu, in  Greek Kerkyra, is the most north-westerly and the second largest island (after Kefalonia) of the Ionian group, and lies at […]

Cephalonia(Kefalonia) Island

Information about Cephalonia(Kefalonia) Island (Area: 782 sq km – Coastline: 254 km – Distance from: Patras 56 n.m., Kyllini 21 run., Astakos/Etoloakamania 25 n.m.) Cephalonia, in modem Greek Kefalonia is the largest island in the Ionian group. It lies opposite the entrance to the Gulf of Patras, north of Zakynthos, south of Lefkada and west […]

Ioanian Islands

Information about Ioanian Islands Picturesque green brash strokes against a blue-green background of sea, the beautiful Ionian islands, big and small, form a unique cluster at the western edge of Greece and form the gateway between West and East. The islands show clear traces of many European civilizations: Venetian, French, British and others, in their […]