Dodecanese Islands

Pserimos Island

Information about Pserimos Island (Area: 15 sq.m. – Island summit 268m) Pserimos, the largest of the satellite islets of Kalymnos, lies 2.5 n.m. SE of Kalymnos and 2 n.m. N of Kos. It consists of low hills and attractive beaches, and is popular with day-trippers looking to escape the worst of the crowds. The main […]

Telendos Island

Information about Telendos Island (Area: 5 – Island summit: 459m) Telendos is a small volcanic island just opposite the popular resorts of Myrties and Massouri that lie on Kalymnos’ west coast. Telendos is separated from Kalymnos by the Telendos Straits which is only 700m wide. Originally joined to Kalymnos, Telendos was bom in 535 […]

Tilos Island

Information about Tilos Island (Area: 64 sq km – Coastline: 63 km) Tilos is a small, quite island of the Dodecanese group lying 7.5 n.m. south-east of Nissyros and 10 n.m. north-west of Halki. According to ancient Greek mythology, Tilos was named after the youngest son of Aha, sister of the Telhines and Helios. Tilos […]

Symi Island

Information about Symi Island (Area: 68 sq km- Coastline: 85 km – Distance from Piraeus 255 n.m.) Symi, belongs to the Dodecanese group and lies 24 n.m. NW of Rhodes and very close to the Asian Minor coast. It is an island with crystal clear waters, pebbled beaches and many islets, that pleasantly surprises the  […]

Rhodes (Rodos) Island

Information about Rhodes (Rodos) Island (Area: 1398 sq km – Coastline: 220 km – Distance from Piraeus: 250 n.m.) Rhodes (Rodos) lies in the eastern group of the Dodecanese Islands. As the largest island in the Dodecanese, it is not hard to see why Rhodes was the first to open to tourism. It holds the […]

Patmos Island

Information about Patmos Island (Area: 34 sq km – Coastline: 63 km – Distance from Piraeus 163 n.m.) Patmos is the most northerly large island of the Dodecanese and lies SW of Samos, SE of Ikaria and NW of Leros. Its narrow trunk is made up of a succession of arid, rocky hills (i.s. 269 […]

Lipsi Island

Information about Lipsi Island Lipsi comprises a cluster of small islands, the largest of which and the only inhabited one has an area of 17 sq km with a shoreline of 36 km. They belong to the Dodecanese group and are 182 n.m. from Piraeus. They lie to the north- east of Leros, 11 n.m. […]

Leros Island

Information about Leros Island (Area: 53 sq km – Coastline: 71 km – Distance from Piraeus 171 n.m.) Leros, is situated in the northern group of Dodecanese islands. The capital is Aghia Marina, the old port. Other settlements are the natural port of LakM, Platanos, and Panteli, underneath the castle, Alinda on the other side […]

Kos Island

Information about Kos Island (Area: 290 sq km – Coastline: 112 km-Distance from Piraeus 201 n.m.) Kos, the third largest island of the Dodecanese (after Rhodes and Karpathos), lies 6 n.m. SE of Kalymnos, 2 n.m. S of Pserimos and 2.5 n.m. from Asia Minor’s has a warm, mild climate and its main features […]

Kassos Island

Information about Kassos Island (Area: 66 sq km ■ Coastline: 50 km ■ Distance from: Rhodes 94 run., Piraeus 215 n.m.) Kassos, the southernmost island of the  Dodecanese, lies 3.5 n.m. south-west of Karpathos and 26 n.m. north-east of Crete. Its landscape is mountainous (i.s. 583 m) with a steep rocky coastline and few beaches. […]