Cyclades Islands

Syros or Syra Island

Information about Syros or Syra Island (Area: 86 sq km – Coastline: 87 km – Distance from: Piraeus 83 n.m., Rafina 62 n.m.) Syros or Syra island an almost in the middle of the Cyclades, lies south-west of Tinos and between the  islands of Kythnos  and  Mykonos.  The  landscape  is mountainous (i.s. 431 m) in […]

Sikinos Island

Information about Sikinos Island (Area: 41 sq km – Coastline: 41 km  – Distance from: Piraeus 113 n.m., Ios 10 n.m., Folegandros 14 n.m.) Sikinos lies between Ios and Folegandros, and is a mountainous (i.s. S53 m), rocky island with small valleys, small isolated beaches, clear waters, and many places that offer peace and serenity. […]

Sifnos Island

Information about Sifnos Island (Area: 74 sq km – Coastline: 70 km – Distance from Piraeus: 76 n.m.) Sifnos is the most touristed island in the Cyclades West group and lies between the islands of Serifos, Antiparos and Kimolos. Its landscape is mountainous (i.s. 680 m) with fertile valleys, small  fertile  plains near the  bays […]

Serifos Island

Information about Serifos Island (Area: 73 sq km – Coastline: 70 km – Distance from Piraeus: 70 n.m.) Serifos is an island of the West Cyclades which lies to the south of Kythnos and to the north-west of Sifnos. Its landscape is mountainous (i.s. 685 m) with bare, undulating hills interspersed with small, fertile valleys, […]

Thirasia Island

Information about Thirasia Island (Area: 9.3 sq km – Distance from Santorini: from Fira 4.n.m., from Oia 2 n.m.) Thirasia, opposite the west coast of Santorini near Oia, is the largest of a chain of islets (Nea and Palia Kameni, Aspro) formed by volcanic activity and the only one inhabited. It was joined with northern […]

Santorini Island

Information about Santorini Island (Area: 76 sq  km ■ Coastline: 69 km ■ Distance from Piraeus: 130 n.m.) Santorini is one of the most spectacular and best-known of the Greek islands. It is the most southerly island of the Cyclades, lies between Ios and Anafi, and differs from the other Cycladic islands thanks to its […]

Antiparos Island

Information about Antiparos Island (Area: 35 sq km  – Coastline: 57 km – Distance from Paros: from Pounta 1 n.m., from Parikia 4.5 n.m.). Antiparos is a picturesque island south-west of Paros. The narrow channel which separates the  two islands is 1.5 km wide, and known as “the channel of 14 feet”. The island is […]

Paros Island

Information about Paros Island (Area: 195 sq km – Coastline: 118 km – Distance from: Piraeus 95 n.m., Rafina 82 n.m.) Paros, the third largest island of the Cyclades (after Naxos and Andros), lies almost in the centre of the group and 3 n.m. to the west of Naxos. Paros is mainly agricultural and is […]

Naxos Island

Information about Naxos Island (Area: 428 sq km – Coastline: 148 km – Distance from Piraeus: 103 run.) Naxos, the largest and most fertile of the Cycladic islands, lies almost in the centre of the Aegean, 3 n.m. to the east of Paros and 14 n.m. to the south of Mykonos. Naxos’ fame rests on […]

Mykonos Island

Information about Mykonos Island (Area: 85 sq km – Coastline: 81 km – Distance from: Piraeus 94 n.m., Rafina 71 n.m.) Mykonos, the cosmopolitan centre of the Cyclades, is the most heavily touristed and the most cosmopolitan of all Greek islands. It attracts many visitors from all over the world, including large numbers of artists […]