Central Greece

Thermo mountanious Trihonida

Information about Thermo mountanious Trihonida Mountainous Trihonida is a magical region of Etoloakamania, an ideal destination to visit and stay for a few days. Thermo, one of the most beautiful towns in Greece, offering the amenities of a modern town (hotels, restaurants, cafes, banks, etc.), guarantees its visitors a pleasant stay, and, because of its […]


Information about Etoloakarnania Etoloakarnania’s capital, Messolonghi, wrote a heroic page of modem Greek history when fighters  in the besieged  city broke out of it during  the Greek  War of Independence (1821-1830). To the east is the third large city of the district, Nafpaktos which charms visitors with its beautiful Venetian castle and old port. The […]

Central Greece

Information about Central Greece Central Greece is the central region of Greece, and one of the most mountainous. The climate is dry in the interior and temperate along the coasts. The slopes are forested with pine, beech and poplar trees. Running water and calm lakes interchange with uncounted coves and beaches. Hidden shores and picturesque […]

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