Aegean Islands (North East)

Thassos Island

Information about Thasos Island Skala Mariorf PANAGIA   Salonikos (Area: 379 sq km – Coastline: 95 km – Distance from: Kavala 17 n.m., Keramoti 6.5 n.m.) Thassos, the most northerly island in the Aegean, lies opposite and very near (4 rum.) the coast of Eastern Macedonia, and to the south-east of the city of Kavala. Its […]

Samothrace (Samothraki) Island

Information about Samothraki (Area: 178 sq km – Coastline: 58 km – Distance from Alexandroupolis: 24 n.m.) Samothrace (Samothraki), an island of the Northern Aegean, is opposite the Thracian shores, to the south-west of Alexandroupolis. The island, with  a verdant  landscape abundant in waters, is mostly mountainous. It is almost covered by Mount Saos or […]

Samos Island

Information about Samos (Area: 476 sq km – Coastline: 159 km ■ Distance from Piraeus: 175 n.m.) Samos, the easternmost island of the Aegean, is within swimming distance (1200 metres) of Asia Minor, 10 n.m. E of Ikaria, 35 n.m. SE of Hios and to the north of the Dodecanese. Its landscape is semi-mountainous with […]

Psara Island

Information about Psara Island (Area: 40 sq km -Coastline: 36 km-Distance from: Piraeus 123 rum., Hios Town 48 n.m). North-west of Hios there is a group of 7 tiny islands whose only the largest, Psara, is inhabited. The second largest is Antipsara, SW of Psara. Psara is  a small rocky island lying 10 n.m. to […]

Lesvos Island

Information about Lesvos Island (Area: 1630 sq km – Coastline: 370 km – Distance from Piraeus: 187 n.m.) Lesvos lies in the Eastern Aegean opposite Turkey’s coast (7 n.m.), and is Greece’s third largest island after Crete and Evia. The eastern and central parts of the island abound in olive trees and much of the […]

Aghios Efstratios or Ai-Stratis Island

Information about Aghios Efstratios (Area: 43 sq km – Coastline: 30 km – Distance from Lemnos: 16 n.m.) Aghios Efstratios or Ai-Stratis lies between Lemnos, Skyros and Lesvos, and is 16 n.m. south-west of Lemnos (from where it is administrated).  It is a remote sun-baked island with vegetation hidden away in the folds of the […]

Lemnos Island

Information about Lemnos Island (Area: 476 sq km – Coastline: 260 km – Distance from Piraeus: 186 n.m.) Lemnos lies in the shadow of Mount Athos and dominates the north-east Aegean. Its landscape, as a result of the volcanic origin of the island, is quiet different from that of the other Aegean islands. Lemnos’ surface […]

Ikaria Island

Information about Ikaria Island (Area: 25S sq km – Coastline: 102 km ■ Distance from Piraeus: 144 run.) Ikaria, the southernmost island of the Eastern Cyclades, lies 10 n.m. SW of Samos, 20 run. NW of Patmos and 25 n.m. E of Mykonos. Its landscape is wild and rugged, whith the Atheras mountain range (i.s. […]

Chios Island

Information about Chios Island Agia Dinami (Area: 842 sq km – Coastline: 213 km – Distance from Piraeus: 146 n.m.) Hios, Greece’s fifth largest island, lies in the Eastern Aegean, south of Lesvos (27 n.m.) and opposite Turkey’s coast. Hios  has some of the most fertile and attractive terrain found in the Aegean. Its landscape […]

Aegean islands

Information about Aegean islands Seven large islands, four smaller ones and dozens of islets (most uninhabited) scattered about the northern and eastern Aegean are Europe’s sea border with the East: Thassos, the island of the Sirens according to mythology, is opposite Macedonia’s easternmost part. It is beautiful, verdant, with splendid beaches, and important antiquities. Samothrace, […]