Argo-Saronic Gulf Islands

Information about Argo-Saronic Gulf Islands

In the stretch of sea between the west coast of Attica and the north-east
coast of the Peloponnese lie the Argo-Saronic Gulf Islands: Salamina, Aegina,
Angisrri, Poros, Hydra, Spetses and Dokos.
The  closest island of the  Argo-Saronic group, Salamina or  Salamis,  is
virtually a suburb of Piraeus, just over a kilometre offshore to its east, and
almost touches the town of Megara to  the west,  Aegina lies almost in the
centre of the Saronic Gulf, and Angistriis 4 run. south of Aegina. Poros, Hydra,
Spetses and Dokos, the four southerly  islands, of the group, are  barely a
stone’s throw from Argblida’s shores.
The short distance between the Argo-Saronic Gulf Islands and the frequent
ferry and hydrofoil services connecting them, allow visitors to combine two or
even more islands  during their vacation. The distinctive  character of each
island makes such a vacation more diverse and more rewarding for the
A weekly vacation could  include a  stay on two or three islands. For
example, a 3-night stay on Aegina, which leaves enough time to explore the
historic sites of the island, can be combined with a 2-night stay on Poros for a
short beach vacation and a farmers-night stay  on Hydra to experience the
island’s unique character. Another possible combination is a 4-night stay at a
beach resort  of  Spetses or  Poros with a 3-night stay in  one  of Hydra’s
traditional guest-houses.
Visitors to Attica lacking the time to explore the Argo-Saronic Gulf Islands
can sample some of them on an one-day cruise. These cruises stop at Aegina,
Poros and Hydra,  allowing  passengers to visit  some of the  sights and
The Argo-Saronic Gulf Islands are also preferred destinations on yachting