September, 2010

Spetses Island

Information about Spetses Island (Area: 22.5 sq km – Coastline 29 km – Distance from: Ermionida (Kosta) 1.5 n.m., Piraeus 52 n.m) Spetses is the most southernmost island in the Argo-Saronic Gulf with a long history, playing a decisive role during the Greek War of Independence of 1821. , The  visitor has  an opportunity to  […]

Poros Island

Information about Poros Island (Area: 23 sq km – Coastline: 43 km – Distance from Piraeus 31 n.m. – I.s. 358 m). The green island of Poros, just opposite and very close to the east coast of the Peloponnese, offers peaceful holidays catering principally for families and also for sailing enthusiasts. It features pine-clad hills […]

Salamina Island

Information about Salamina Island (Area: 95 sq km – Coastline: 104 km – I.s. 375 m). Less than a mile from the mainland lies the island of Salamis or Salamina as it is called today. This is the home of the mythical hero Ajax and also of the great ancient playwright Euripides. The island became […]

Hydra Island

Information about Hydra Island (Area: SO sq km – Coastline: 56 km – Distance from Piraeus 38 n.m. – I.s. 593 m) Hydra is certainly one of the most unusual places in Greece. This rocky island with no vegetation and no beaches fascinates visitors from all over the world with its unique town, a perfectly […]

Angistri Island

Information about Angistri Island (Area: 12.5 sq km – Coastline: 17 km – Distance from Piraeus 19 n.m. – Is. 294 m) The island of Angistri lies approx 4 n.m. south-west of the island of Aegina and opposite the coast of Epidavros (Peloponnese). This small island is a celebration of informal holidays. Covered with pine […]

Aegina Island

Information about Aegina Island (Area: 83 sq km – Coastline: 57 km – Is. 532 m – Distances from Piraeus: Aegina Town 18 n.m,, Souvala 12 n.m., Aghia Marina 11 n.m.) The tourist island closest to Athens is Aegina, featuring a wealth of sights, beautiful beaches, pine-covered hills and peaceful villages, only minutes away from […]

Argo-Saronic Gulf Islands

Information about Argo-Saronic Gulf Islands In the stretch of sea between the west coast of Attica and the north-east coast of the Peloponnese lie the Argo-Saronic Gulf Islands: Salamina, Aegina, Angisrri, Poros, Hydra, Spetses and Dokos. The  closest island of the  Argo-Saronic group, Salamina or  Salamis,  is virtually a suburb of Piraeus, just over a […]


Information about Thrace Thrace, in Greek ThraW, occupies the north-eastern comer of Greece. It borders with Bulgaria to the north and Turkey to the east and has southern shores on the Thracian Sea. Thrace is today considered a place where the East meets the West in perfect harmony, as it is the connecting link between […]


Information about Halkidiki The Prefecture (district) of Halkidiki has a rare beauty .All shades of green of the vegetation set off the colours of the deep blue see. Its peculiar geographic shape with its three mountainous peninsulas (Kassandra, Sifhonia and Athos) far into the Aegean Sea, makes Halkidiki the district with the longest coastline (more […]


Information about Thessaloniki Thessaloniki, the capital of Thessaloniki Prefecture, is Greece’s second largest city and one of the oldest in Europe. The “Queen of the North”, the “Bride of the Thermaic”, the “city that never sleeps”. An ideal year-round city travel destination for successful City Breaks. Thessaloniki is designated UNESCO World Heritage Site because of […]